Private Dietitian can assist you with your dietary, nutritional and food related concerns, to meet your needs and goals for achieving optimum total well-being. We focus on your individual needs, offer friendly and practical suggestions to improve and enhance your health.

We are committed to optimising the health and well-being of people around us by providing education, motivation and support. We believe that food is one of the great pleasures of life and all food can be enjoyed as part of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle

"Sports Performance Going Vegetarian, Down the Garden Path" in SCMP


On 3rd April 2012, Sasha Gonzales of South China Morning Post wrote an article on vegetarianism in the Fitness section of their circulation, titled “Sports Performance Going Vegetarian, Down the Garden Path”.

"When it Comes to Vitamin Pills, Some People Just Don’t Know When to Pop" in SCMP


On 20th December 2011, Sasha Gonzales of South China Morning Post wrote an article on supplements in the Health section of their circulation, titled "When it comes to vitamin pills, some people just don’t know when to pop".

Our dietitian Vivien Yiu was interviewed. Vivien comments that supplements are not always necessary and they are not for everyone.

Nutritious Ways to Relieve Your Stress

Everyone has stress – from work, family, relationship... Some attempt to relieve their stress through drinking, smoking or eating junks. However, they may end up with worsen health conditions due to side effects from alcohol, nicotine, sugar and bad fats! Recent scientific research suggests good nutrition is important for our mental health. Here are some healthy tips for you!

Eat Regular Meals

Antioxidants for Heart Health

The National Heart Foundation (NHF) of Australia has recently released a position statement that provides  recommendations for the consumption of antioxidant-rich food, drinks and supplements for cardiovascular heart health. They advise health professionals not to recommend Australian adults to use chocolate, coffee, red wine or antioxidant supplements for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) 1.

NHF recommends all Australian adults to do the following:

Green Tea and Cancer Prevention

Green tea contains the active ingredient polyphenol, which has a subgroup known as catechins. Catechins are powerful antioxidants and may have cancer-preventative effects. A large study in Japan found that males aged between 40 and 69 who drank five cups of green tea daily were less likely to develop advanced prostate cancer than those who drank only one1.

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